Idea Submission

The Board encourages you to submit your ideas on how to address a public safety concern you see within the Board's purview. 

Complete and submit the Idea Submission Form Online If you need more space to complete an answer, or would like to include attachments, please send them by email to:

Download the Idea Submission form as a PDF  Email your completed form to:

The Board uses the information you provide on the form to better understand the context of the concern, whether there are tools at the Board’s disposal to address the idea, and whether the idea warrants Board action. Submission of an idea does not assure Board action; all ideas are weighed against the Board’s strategic directions and planned objectives and activities which are generally considered on a yearly basis. While you are not required to fill the form out in its entirety, missing information may not provide the Board with the details it needs to fully understand the concern.

The Board will notify you by email if your idea is included for action in the Annual Plan as well as the date/s of discussion when scheduled for the agenda of a Board meeting. 

The Board may contact you with further questions using the contact information you provide.  


Idea Register Summary Report

The Summary Report contains an overview of the ideas that have been submitted to the Idea Register and will be updated over time to include the status of these ideas on an Annual Plan. 

September 2nd, 2021 Idea Register Summary Report